After a spate of worksite deaths, the New York Department of Buildings (DOB) recently announced a safety blitz across the city’s construction sites.

DOB inspectors will be issuing steep fines of up to $25,000 per safety infraction. The announcement also states that “any conditions found posing serious hazards to construction workers and the public will result in immediate stop work orders.” DOB Commissioner Melanie E. La Rocca has characterized the recent tragedies as “entirely avoidable.”

Inspectors will be on alert to check the following:

  • That projects are in compliance with their required site safety plans.
  • That parties are closely adhering to NYC construction safety regulations.
  • That workers are properly using safety harnesses and fall arrest systems when required.

This recent action comes on the heels of new construction safety legislation and code revisions proposed by the New York City Council.

The push for more safety scrutiny across job sites isn’t limited to NYC. Under recent Biden appointee and OSHA lead Jim Frederick, OSHA plan to double its number of inspectors as the agency looks to expand its focus on enforcing standards and guidelines.

With the looming construction boom in the post-pandemic economy and the ongoing labor shortages for skilled and experienced construction workers, the industry may be facing a perfect storm for increased safety violations and job site injuries.

The time is now to rethink your safety program and start incorporating digital tools that will not only enable you to quickly identify, document, and mitigate safety deficiencies on your job sites, but also provide tight virtual supervision and workflows that ensure workers are following all requirements on every task.

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