Achieve higher healthcare maintenance and inspection discipline, validating 24x7 up-time, resiliency and compliance.

Increase resource productivity and quality of work

Eliminate bottle-necks and errors

Reduce costs and business disruption

Standardize and centralize all disparate systems and processes into one common Technical Relationship Management platform for your workers, contractors and management.

From cleaning and sanitation to critical mechanical system inspections and procedures, StringBean is the place to view and automatically monitor all activities.

No new hardware required

Powered by the device in your hand and the secure Cloud

Complementary to Existing Backbone Systems

No need for any change, automate any workflow and process into your Tech Stack

Increase oversight / reduce burnout

Be up and running in a couple of hours with our Automated Onboarding Survey and OOB Workflows

Land and Expand

Introduce digital solutions and standards across your operation and portfolio at your own pace, one “pain point” at a time.

Key Features for Healthcare​

Workflow Engineering

Place your finger on the pulse of your people and operation. Drag and drop simplicity — turn checklists into audio-visual workflows for your workers and contractors to follow. Build in automated handoffs, escalations and flags when outliers are detected. Provide confidence for compliance audits and accreditation examinations.

Outliers & Compliance Analytics

Role and condition-based data visualization customized for your unique organizational management model.


Top 5 US Healthcare Provider


  • Deployed across multiple facilities with additions every week
  • Hundreds of team members interacting with it daily.
  • Over 15,000 data points per week are captured.


  • At-a-Glance compliance analytics in support of AHJ, J-Co & risk management
  • Standardized and real-time KPI and SLA visualization
  • 10% reduction in OT and FTE expense


Doctor’s Hospital of Cayman Island Goes from Paper to Automation in under two weeks.

Using our remote and curated on-boarding process, the hospital participated in several brief pre-site visit prep sessions enabling roll-out in under two-days. Subsequently, FM leadership expanded application and use cases on their own to their cleaning staff and contractors within the first 90 days from Go Live.

Happy Clients


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