Ensure Compliance with Federal, State and Local Laws and Safety Ordinances

Increase resource productivity and quality of work

Eliminate bottle-necks and errors

Reduce costs and business disruption

Take all your disparate systems and centralize them into one

Get the right information to the right people at the right time, from alerts on compliance to instructions on how to get tasks done correctly, the first time.

No new hardware required

Powered by the device in your hand and the secure Cloud

Complementary to Existing Backbone Systems

No need for any change, automate any workflow and process into your Tech Stack

Increase oversight / reduce burnout

Be up and running in a couple of hours with our Automated Onboarding Survey and OOB Workflows

Land and Expand

Introduce digital solutions and standards across your operation and portfolio at your own pace, one “pain point” at a time.

Key Features for Power Generation

Node level Security Administrator

Secure the data at an individual record level, allowing complete control of who can see what.

Virtual Supervisor

Have eyes everywhere, using data outliers to drive and monitor the action plan


20+ MW of CoGen Plant Under Management across Midtown Manhattan


  • Utilized StringBean to transition from build to operations at the largest commercial, residential high-rise and mixed-use development in the United States.
  • Building rounds and site inspections were developed and instituted while equipment was being commissioned and monitored as the building became occupied.


  • Lessons learned enabled StringBean to gain the domain expertise and develop a rich library of pre-canned workflows and IFTTT inspection templates down to the mechanical component level.

  • Enabled any CoGen plant to quickly build customized workflows in modular fashion to match the unique make-up of the plant and the mini-city’s they power.

  • Rich evidentiary analytics obtained by boots-on-the-ground are globally visible and up-to-date through leading data visualization dashboards.

  • Key differentiator in winning business with another state-of-the-art power plant serving one of the city’s largest hospital campuses.

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