Automate on-site surveys with client reports available immediately

Increase surveyor proficiency in the field

Increase productivity across the workflow

Reduce report production expense by 30+%

Take all your disparate systems and centralize them into one

Site surveys result in hundreds of photos and notes that take hours to review and organize into a report. For example, one day of installing energy efficient retrofits results in several hours of review and evidentiary documentation. Not anymore!

No new hardware required

Powered by the device in your hand and the secure Cloud

Complementary to Existing Backbone Systems

No need for any change, automate any workflow and process into your Tech Stack

Increase oversight / reduce burnout

Be up and running in a couple of hours with our Automated Onboarding Survey and OOB Workflows

Land and Expand

Introduce digital solutions and standards across your operation and portfolio at your own pace, one “pain point” at a time.

Key Features for Inspection Services

Inspection Manager

Empower your field inspection organization with an easy and intuitive interface to gather hundreds of data points and ensure they are immediately staged in appropriate sections of your report templates.

Virtual Supervisor

Put subject matter expertise into every client interface and scale your business.


Verifying Work When Liability is at Stake and then Cutting Down Work Effort by 40%

Environmental Building Solutions (EBS) performs annual Local Law 55 inspections of some 6,000 residential apartments for a major landlord every year. It requires examining each room in each apartment and all common areas, and they never know what they will find. They have to record if nothing was found, and if something is found, need to provide a separate report with evidence and remediation and then return to validate the remediation. This would take an entire team 2 – 3 weeks on site, and they need to produce a litany of documentation and certify an affidavit which bears liability.


  • Once the surveying process was transferred to StringBean’s platform (which took less than a day) and we integrated EBS’s Excel report template the entire process was cut to half the effort.
  • This cost savings on this project paid for StringBean annual licensing more than 10x.
  • EBS has now extended the platform to its IAQ inspections where technicians must remain on site during off-hours and monitor testing methodology.
  • StringBean helps them validate that technicians remained on site, helping avoid any missteps and assumed liability.
  • They are now training in-house staff to make their own workflows to continue extending automation across their entire practice.

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