Manage to the higher standards mandated by not-for-profit and government agencies in a cost sensitive environment

Increase resource productivity and quality of work

Eliminate bottle-necks and errors

Reduce costs and business disruption

Digitize all inspections performed on site and make your property service providers and maintenance teams your eyes and ears.

Social services facilities face a unique set of challenges and tight funding. They are both running a hotel and providing mental health support to the needy in our communities. Be sure to have up-to-date records and ensure the highest level of shelter for those in need.

No new hardware required

Powered by the device in your hand and the secure Cloud

Complementary to Existing Backbone Systems

No need for any change, automate any workflow and process into your Tech Stack

Increase oversight / reduce burnout

Be up and running in a couple of hours with our Automated Onboarding Survey and OOB Workflows

Land and Expand

Introduce digital solutions and standards across your operation and portfolio at your own pace, one “pain point” at a time.

Key Features for Social Services

Asset Tags & Beacons

Use QR codes or RFID tags to identify specific rooms, assets or public areas. Guide staff through procedures. Associate services rendered and visual inspections with locations and systems. Eliminate paper and 3-ring binders. Gain transparency to the health of your environment.

Virtual Coach

Design the exact tasks you want anyone to be able to perform and ensure a quality outcome.


Bronx Parent Housing Network (BPHN) provides real-time reporting on Social Services Agency mandated requirements

With the labor pool as tight as it is, homeless shelter maintenance organizations have a hard time hiring and retaining skilled labor. As such, the ratio of shelters to knowledgeable and trained supervision is larger than most property management organizations. They also need to rely on other staff and volunteers to fulfill all the needs of the social services agencies that sponsor these facilities. BPHN operates 20+ locations and their needs continue to evolve over time. Hundreds of requests come into one supervisor via email a month, and then assigned manually to their field staff. StringBean automated these workflows, providing a work management solution to make BPHN more efficient and responsive. We are honored to assist organizations like BPHN in efficiently handling the influx of the homeless in our community with timely tracking and verification of apartment turnovers, safety inspections and maintaining the mechanical systems that they can’t afford to have breakdown.

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