IoT Has Revolutionized Healthcare FM

It’s impossible to put smart devices everywhere. So how do you bridge the gap?

IoT has delivered on its promise to improve the way we monitor critical systems in healthcare facilities – but there are limitations.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a revolution to facility management, especially in healthcare settings where monitoring issues like water damage, air pressure, humidity, temperature, and power outages could be life-threatening to patients AND caregivers.

The problem is, it’s not practical to put an IoT device absolutely everywhere – and for that reason alone, we still need to depend on our vital boots-on-the-ground who are responsible for verifying, reporting, and addressing problems as they are detected.

You need the same level of actionable (and reliable) data and validation from your facility workforce to fill in those gaps.

Listen to CEO Reuben Levine talk about bridging the gap between IoT and boots-on-the-ground.

Stay tuned for our next discussion on how marrying IoT and manpower makes all the difference for Joint Commission.

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