StringBean Wall of Fame: Acadia Realty Trust

Six months ago, most businesses left their offices amid the COVID-19 outbreak. So many became either virtual workers or were unfortunately furloughed, but the office exodus was pervasive. With all that came along with this drastic change, we quickly forgot about an important, yet mundane aspect of office life, namely what we choose to hang on our walls.

I always felt that the walls of our offices, corridors, pantries and reception areas were opportunities to express our mission, culture, art, and the ever-important Wall of Fame where we displayed our prized customer logos, framed certifications, honors and client testimonials.

To me, it always resonated to walk into a company lobby and see letters from satisfied customers in appreciation of a company making a difference. Even when I would take my kids to the pediatrician, I loved to see the many pictures drawn by young patients given to their doctor on display for all to study and smile at.

In this spirit, I wanted to introduce the StringBean Virtual Wall of Fame. I am honored to begin its maiden voyage with this very touching letter we received from @Jeremy Hill, Vice President Property Management, @Acadia Realty Trust.

What makes this testimonial particularly meaningful is that it celebrates how we at StringBean helped bring 120 employees back to work to their offices, where they too can revel again at what hangs on their walls.

Acadia employs StringBean to help manage its facilities, keep track of maintenance, and ensure that the hundreds of diverse retail tenants can serve their thousands of daily customers.

As Jeremy aptly states in his letter of appreciation, Acadia’s world “went dark with the pandemic.” And along with that so did its tenants and their respective customers.

Three years ago, we at StringBean set out to create the most flexible and customizable workflow solution to improve internal processes and procedures, provide instant visibility to management and business partners, and ensure accountability and task validation. We saw the dozens of different applications (a/k/a “Point Solutions”) that were disaggregated and extremely costly. All the while, no one could get cross organizational visibility of work being performed, productivity and risk management.

In our wildest dreams we never thought that a pandemic would be critical in showing the versatility and flexibility of our product, to even perform touchless registration and health checks to allow employees to safely return to work. No checklist or spreadsheet system can be systematically programmed in minutes to automatically parse, escalate, alert, and inform supervisors and human resources personnel across regions. StringBean can and does.

StringBean enables clients to innovate on their own, quickly and without a big-ticket implementation expense.

We are realizing our vision, making a difference, and changing people’s lives.

We believe that is critical for our economy that people reoccupy their offices and resume the collaboration inherent in in-person work. Our platform can play an integral part of getting people back to the office while enforcing strict health compliance.

Here’s to our collective recovery, and to warming up our walls again.

Reuben Levine
Founder & CEO

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