Last week, we wrote about labor challenges ahead for the construction industry, with a potential demand of up to a million more hires over the next year.

With job sites potentially filled with under-experienced workers for the foreseeable future, this could put many firms in a particularly vulnerable position, as research has shown that a majority of construction accidents – a whopping 60% – occur within an employee’s first year of work.

While proper training and a strong safety culture are central to minimizing safety risks, there’s no going around the fact that new, inexperienced workers will naturally make more mistakes.

With this said, we mustn’t forget about the other 40% of accidents that occur with more experienced workers. As StringBean CEO Reuben Levine recently spoke about on LinkedIn, which you can view here and here, sometimes even heavily experienced workers can make costly mistakes.

So what’s a safety director to do?

The answer comes down to embedding safety and quality control into every single work task and, critically, receiving validation – validation that procedures are actually being followed, even when you’re not looking (especially when you’re not looking).

Luckily, we’re living in the smartphone era, so we won’t need an army of safety inspectors walking around with a clip boards and bullhorns to ensure rookie workers aren’t putting themselves in danger. A user-friendly mobile workflow management tool can provide you with complete virtual supervision across your job sites.

If you’re ready to learn more about embedding safety and quality control into all of your job sites, let’s talk.