StringBean Innovates with GEA Consulting Engineers

Changing the Game in Construction Field Reporting

In recent years, GEA has been expanding their services to include commissioning and special inspections. Commissioning involves the physical assessment of the installed equipment in a new or retrofitted building with regard to proper operation per design, per code and per energy code requirements. For large buildings, the commissioning process can be quite daunting without some type of roadmap. Special inspections are similar but require a different reporting format. The reports are specific and highly regulated for each inspection type (mechanical, heating, chimney, sprinkler, etc.).


Rather than use checklists or report templates, which require a “save as” for each report, GEA desired a mobile solution to prepare these reports “in progress” while in the field. GEA looked into StringBean Technologies as a solution to their mobile needs. GEA liked the fact that rather than returning to the office, downloading, choosing and labeling the pictures, assembling the report, etc., the entire report could be completed and filed while still in the field via the engineer’s mobile device.


GEA started working with the StringBean app and suggested additional features that would tailor the mobile experience to their specific needs. The new features allow GEA to take hundreds of photos of various construction details, caption pictures in the field and easily add only a few of those pictures to the final report.

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“GEA has been using StringBean for close to half a year and it has significantly increased our productivity in completing these reports. GEA is preparing to purchase additional user licenses so that all of our engineers can take advantage of the savings afforded us by the StringBean app.”

– David Glickman P.E., LEED AP
Managing Partner, GEA Consulting Engineers

Read the PDF version of the case study here.

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