StringBean Technologies


StringBean is a flexible platform that ensures total visibility and accountability for routine tasks and workflows, making your workplace tick and your ecosystem hum. Validate processes that help you reduce errors, be more productive and save money– straight from your desktop or mobile device.


Immediate Reporting

StringBean allows you to track all data from one simple platform and generate reports instantly- the way you want them to look.

Clear Communication

Real-time job status and collaboration keep everyone connected and accountable.

Zero Training

An intuitive user interface coupled with step-by-step clarity means users master StringBean in minutes.

Seamless Connection

StringBean operates on the edge to connect all data back into your current system.

How StringBean Works


Grab work from a library of hundreds of task-specific workflows


Customize and assign to any employee or group of employees


Follow clear step-by-step workflows to complete work from any device


Completed work generates automatic documentation.


"I now have the confidence that we can effectively distribute these routine tasks to anyone on my team. Most importantly, our documentation is updated and saved to the cloud with every touch. I feel this gives us an edge."
James Gerardo
Chief Engineer, 757 Third Avenue
"[StringBean] allows us to deliver a consistent product at an affordable price for our client base. When technology designed for the collaboration of multiple parties is effectively employed, it's a 'win-win' for everyone on the team..."
John Leitner
Principal, Environmental Building Solutions LLC

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