The Inspection Platform for Ultimate Virtual Supervision

StringBean delivers customizable, cloud-based workflows – from planning to site inspections to mechanical maintenance and more – all backed by real-time analytics and reporting.

Learn how industry experts are using StringBean to automate process and supervision…

General Construction

  • Interactive Punch Lists
  • Safety Management
  • MEP Commissioning
  • Expediting
  • Equipment    Tracking/Maintenance

Building Operations

  • House Checks
  • Building Rounds
  • Mechanical System    Inspections
  • Vendor Management
  • SOP/SLA governence

Subcontractors & Service Providers

  • Field Service Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance
  • SOW Compliance
  • Dynamic Up-Sale Surveys


A Better Way to Workflow

Realtime Alerts

Never be in the dark about the status of a task or when exceptions occur.

Evidence of Completion

Require workers to document notes, take photos, or capture video showing tasks are completed.

Task Walkthroughs

Minimize or eliminate training with step-by-step walkthroughs right in the app.

Easy Workflow Builder

Build from templates or create customized workflows to fit any task or job.

Empower Workers

StringBean allows you to create and assign step-by-step workflows directly to your workers’ devices. Push information, answer questions, take notes, capture photos, report issues, and then generate a report with the click of a button.

Automate Your Supervision

  • Institutionalize Best Practices.
  • Flexible, realistic, conditional (IFTTT) workflows.
  • Programmable alerts to escalate exceptions and track follow-ups.
  • Library of hundreds of canned workflows.
  • Build and modify workflows – no programming required.

Manage and Report Better

  • Get a bird’s eye view into your operation with an activity dashboard.
  • Generate detailed reports the moment work is completed.
  • Know exactly where problems occur.
  • Store all your documentation safely in the cloud – and generate the reports you need.
  • Use Asset Beacons (QR Codes and/or RFID) to scan and call up history, documentation, warranty, service contracts when in front of the machine.

Core Problems StringBean Solves

Validation and Business Intelligence

StringBean ensures workers are doing the job correctly and following industry standards SOPs and MOPs. StringBean also provides real-time visibility to workflow exception the moment they occur.



How long should certain tasks take to complete? How many tasks should your workers be able to complete during a shift? StringBean’s reporting and intelligence gives you the insight you need to greatly reduce inefficiencies.

Vendor Management

StringBean workflows can be sent to any worker with a smartphone, regardless if they are in-house employees or third-party vendors – which means you receive the same levels of work validation in either scenario.

Risk Management

Avoid potential lawsuits or fines by ensuring important inspections and maintenance tasks are completed and done properly, with documented evidence.