Construction Safety

Are Manual Inspections Costing You Hours of Time and Resources?

There’s a Better Way.

  • 79% of Site Safety inspections are still done manually. At StringBean, all the stresses that come along with manual inspections are a thing of the past.
  • Easily create and assign step-by-step inspection workflows directly to your inspector’s device.
  • Reports can be generated IMMEDIATELY from any computer or mobile device — saving you hours of time.
  • Ensure compliance and audit-readiness; maintain DOB standards.
  • Reduce safety risks and better understand where your risks are.

For Your Inspectors:

  • Assign work from a library of inspection templates — ensure ISO standards and OSHA compliance
  • Associate everything with the proper client and project site
  • What about new inspections? No problem! Create your own inspections or ask us to create them for you

For Your Customers:

  • Generate detailed reports the moment work is completed
  • Know exactly where problems occur
  • Build stronger relationships by allowing your customers to send requests directly to you