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A Flexible Solution

StringBean is a tool to help your teams work better, no matter what jobs they’re doing.

Our Customers Get

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Consistency
  • Validation
  • Clarity
  • No-Hassle Documentation
  • Centralized Data
  • Quality Control
  • Peace of Mind
  • Collaboration
1 %
Less Errors
1 %
Less Administrative work
1 %
Less Training

How StringBean Works

See how StringBean gives our customers what they need to effectively run their businesses.

StringBean for Facilities Management

An industry where StringBean is making a difference.

The Problem

Facility Managers are being bombarded from every direction. Management is overloaded with growing administrative requirements and a long list of procedures needing standardization. 

Life Safety and Risk Management

  • Safety regulations are difficult to monitor and maintain
  • Insurance costs are rising
  • Injury and property damage disrupt business

Authorities Having Jurisdiction

  • Violations are a cost of doing business
  • Growing documentation requirements

Vendor Management

  • Difficult to validate that all work was done in quality manner
  • No way to track vendor data

Management Information Systems

  • Disparate and lost data
  • No Business Intelligence and/or Artificial Intelligence

Our Solution

Remove all administrative headaches by automating maintenance schedules and report generation. Connect all staff on one smart platform that ensures SOPs are followed and aggregates data, providing valuable insights.

One Connected Platform

  • Easily create and enforce Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) across your entire enterprise 
  • Keep vendors accountable and connected
  • All data from in-house and vendor activities are available at all times
  • Have all documentation ready the moment work is completed

Vendors' Lives Made Easy

  • Create and enforce SOPs for all of your customers
  • Give immediate, effortless reporting to customers
  • Validate work quality
  • Manage relationships and keep connected

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