StringBean Technologies


Keeping your team in-sync at all times.

Simple Work Scheduling

Schedule work on nearly any recurrence you can think of.

Actionable Analytics

StringBean captures every work step, giving you full visibility to every piece of data.

Truly Mobile

Complete work offline and upload data later.

Data Security

Trust your data in the hands of our PCI-DSS compliant platform.

Zero Training

An intuitive user interface coupled with step-by-step clarity means users master StringBean in minutes.

Immediate Reporting

StringBean allows you to track all data from one simple platform and generate reports instantly- the way you want them to look.

Seamless Connection

StringBean operates on the edge to connect all data back into your current system.

Clear Communication

Real-time job status and collaboration keep everyone connected and accountable.

How StringBean Works

StringBean Web App


Build StringBean workflows quickly and save them to your library to modify and use whenever you want.


Grab a template from your library and issue work to staff in the field, right from your desk.


Monitor all activity in real-time.


Manage users, locations and documents.


Turn work into documentation with a few clicks.

Complete on the Web

Now complete work on the web platform. Perfect for office tasks and streamlining document preparation.

Mobile SB

StringBean Mobile App


Follow clear step-by-step workflows to complete your work with ease.


Follow training procedures to learn how to complete advanced jobs.


Issue tasks from anywhere at any time.


Monitor jobs assigned to your team from the mobile app.


Report incidents immediately, capturing every necessary detail on the ground.

Put StringBean to work for you!