Business technology often goes through a familiar cycle: first, there is a breakthrough in innovation with a few players leveraging it to gain a competitive edge. Then a proliferation occurs, where an entire market emerges around similar, “off the shelf”-type solutions to capture growing demand for the technology type. Finally, there’s a point of commoditization where the tech no longer provides an edge, but something everyone just has to adopt to be relevant.

Think email.

Think mobile devices.

The same process is happening in construction tech, as well.

In many ways, this process is important – and needed. We want important technologies to become assessable for everyone. But to keep us from just being “like everyone else,” we can’t forget about innovation.

The problem with “off the shelf” solutions is that they effectively become like templates. When we purchase a new piece of software that’s supposed to improve our processes, we often find ourselves forcing our processes into that template, whether or not that’s actually the best way to do it.

In his latest LinkedIn Post, StringBean CEO Reuben Levine discussed an eye-opening meeting he had with a leading construction company. You can listen to Reuben here, but here’s an excerpt:

“Today, we met with probably one of the most impressive groups I’ve met with yet in construction here in the United States. And this is a very sophisticated group. They use Cobie for modeling their operations requirements. They use Procore. They use Primavera’s P6 scheduling tool. They use Timberline for estimating, they use MC Squared… a whole tech stack. And what was so eye-opening to me is that, although these things get you a seat at the table and allow you to sell sophisticated jobs to really reputable buyers, what people don’t realize is that this just makes you a commodity and on par with everybody else.”

Ultimately, the key to avoiding the commoditization of your tech stack – and your organization – is to leverage tools that allow you to innovate and to convert your good ideas and expertise into digitized processes and automation. In other words, fight the templatization of your business.

This is where StringBean can help. We’re working with some of the most exciting organizations in the built world to digitize their innovative ideas and processes. Let’s start the conversation.